We offer top-notch results, superior customer service, and some of the most affordable rates available for PC/Laptop repair. For hardware, software, virus removal, and more, we’re your one-stop shop for amazing results at a low price!

Phone: (281)888-3750
- Virus Removal: Very common computer ailment usually caused by web surfing with out of date virus database definitions.
- RAM Upgrade: Very in-expensive purchase to greatly improve your PC overall speed to execute commands and open programs.
- Hard Drive Upgrade: Very in-expensive purchase to greatly increase your PC overall space for installing more programs, or store many more MP3's, Pictures, and Movies.
-O.S. Fresh Install: The process of re-installing the computers Operating System (Windows based) or restoring manufacture's image file.
- Screen Replacement: Replacement of Laptop's LCD screen due to cracks or malfunction due to normal wear and tear.
- Charge Port Replacement: Replacement of Laptop's charging port connector due to normal wear and tear.
- Fan Replacement: Replacement of Laptop's exhaust fan assembly. Typical cause of Laptop's heat issues.
We offer a total of 7 services for Laptop and PC repair.
* Pickup and Delivery is available!!

For a flat fee of $29.95 - We will pick up the PC and deliver it after repairs have been performed up to 20 miles radius of our home business address.