We offer top-notch results, superior customer service, and some of the most affordable rates available for PC/Laptop repair. For hardware, software, virus removal, and more, we’re your one-stop shop for amazing results at a low price!

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When your PC is not performing at its best you are not performing at your best.
Allow Hornet Appliance PC / Laptop Repair bring your PC back to it's better than new performance.

Either you need a virus / malware to be removed or you simply need more RAM / Hard Drive capacity in order to get you to the next level of performance. Hornet Appliance PC / Laptop Repair can bring your PC back to its prime.

Call today and schedule a PC pickup for a quick diagnostics and estimate today. No need to wait in line and drag your PC around town in order to get it repaired, Hornet will pick-up and deliver your PC so you don't have to.